You are about to enter another dimension….

Yes, Cherry! Hurry up and take Master Rusty into a comic book store so he can buy a few items and maybe feel like this trip isn’t a complete waste. And maybe he’ll stop whining. Cherry once again chimes in with her homespun, tried-and-true wisdom. Ah, and there’s also a plug for comics, as well. I certainly can’t begrudge that sentiment! Viva comics!

With such a carefully drawn building, you know this has to be authentic. And it is:  It is the Books with Pictures comic book store in Portland. And Rivera does a pretty good job of capturing the store and its setting.  We’ll have to see if Rivera also attempts to capture some of the actual staff who work there. I hope so. From what I saw on the store’s website, they could fit right into the cast of supporting characters of this comic strip.

Special note to Rusty:  Kid, from what I can see, you won’t need to worry about getting humiliated over your superhero nerd quotient in this particular comic book store! They cast a much wider net than just dudes in spandex.