“For my next trick I’ll pull a fire truck out of my butt!”

Suddenly this simple wooden fire tower (which had looked empty, save for a few stools) has morphed into a computerized information and communication center sporting a bunch of equipment and other specialized stuff. Except for firefighting equipment, of course.

Pappy Trail hands Mark some personal treasures that he—somehow—just happened to have with him… out here in an Oregonian forest. This is ridiculous, of course, like Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in one of their movies where they decide to put on a musical and build Hollywood-level production sets out of materials that just happen to be in their garage.

Is Mark going to dunk the scarf into the stream (the stream is an escape route, you two idiots!) to use as a fire shield? And what could be more useful in a smoke-filled building than a compass? Almost every daily brings a surprise.