Did you know that Jules Rivera is an avid surfer in her own right?

I have to say that the criteria for becoming a bona-fide cryptid look pretty weak:  “One day an otherwise normal shoe salesperson sat down in the store’s breakroom to eat an unripe banana. Walking back through the stockroom, the salesperson suddenly transformed into BananaFoot. Its appearance in the store caused customers to suddenly start slipping on the floor and twisting ankles. After that, customers started slipping on floors in shoe stores across the country and began posting about a secret government BananaFoot conspiracy to coerce people into buying expensive high-top shoes with ankle support.”  

By the way, after composing the paragraph above, I suddenly realized the surfboard in panel 2 apparently turned into what looks like a banana in panel 3. Now, is that a subliminal influence or what!? While I don’t get the connection of a banana to Surfsquatch, I did not consciously notice that change when I wrote the first paragraph. Anyway, I decided to not change it.

So, what will develop out of this Rusty Interlude? Does it mean he’ll finally return to his cryptid hunt? Perhaps Rusty will team up with Professor Bee Sharp, to the further indignation of Mark. Regardless, let’s get this hunt back on the road!