Here is the Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Talk

In case you missed this last week, you’re not too far behind. Think of it like missing a week of a soap opera. Yeah, that’s about it. So, Happy Trail and son Mark stressed and opined over the ethics of worthless NFTs, crypto-whatever, and the Douche Brothers’ upcoming Crypto Conference. What would the crowd do if and when they discover the NFTs are worthless? Would they get mad? Golly gee-whiz!
I also penned a few thoughts on the possible aesthetic aims of the strip, itself. But you’re going to have to scroll down to find it. In any event, this week of padded plotting ended with a transition to Cherry taking Daddy Doc Davis to task for stupidly misusing a pressure cooker to make chili. Fascinating. There, that’s the whole nut. While you’re chewing on it, check out today’s nature exposé.

Overall, this is a nicely-drawn and interesting Sunday strip. And we know that Rivera really likes doing the Sunday strips. So, today’s strip tells us that no matter what we do, we @#($! the planet. Or ourselves. Aside from a wide-brimmed hat, is there any kind of sunscreen that is acceptable, since so-called organics are also suspect? But Rivera wants us do to the research!? Hang on there, Jules! Isn’t that what these Sunday strips are for? Why don’t you just tell us what lotion is safe and save us (and the planet) the trouble of making a wrong choice?!  I suppose if the long-term solution is that we just wear hats and still get skin cancer, at least, the Earth will be around for the rest of the animal kingdom.

As for today’s custom title panel, it’s a nice idea, but not a winning solution. I mean, just what is that ectoplasmic title supposed to represent: A giant fart? A jellyfish capeBetter would be a series of bubbles spelling out the title. Ah, but that would also represent CO2, which is bad. Hey! How about spelling out the strip’s name with an arrangement of melanoma spots on Mark’s arm?