The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

Welcome back, action fans, to the latest Mark Trail Week in Review! Yes, there has been some actual drama and action this past week. Rex agreed to prove his commitment to Tess by allowing himself to be chained inside a circular enclosure where a grown tiger would be let loose. Tess is some tough date!

But Mark was having none of this and started having fits outside of the ring, trying to get Rex to call it off. Rex told him to bug off. We saw this scene before. Mark tried to tempt Rex by talking about his dog, which had a small effect on Rex’s determination. But right then, the tiger entered. And right after that, what would show up next but the fugitive rampaging elephant, blaring his proboscis and stopping the fun. Yes, even the tiger stood down. It was pandemonium all over!

Now, is this elephant (Gemma, by name) really after Tess, as Mark once theorized?

Well, looks like Mark actually has been working on his article, after all. What with all of his handwringing and emoting, I was sure he had pretty much forgotten why he was sent out there. But I’m a big enough joker to admit he was wrong. “Good job, Mark. Still, you really should cut back on the histrionics.