Most exciting Thanksgiving Day ever!

Ah, Rex turns out to be another quick-to-judgement moralist. How unfortunate for Tess. But Gemma has returned to Center Stage by crashing through Tess’s secret trailer, the one that everybody already knew about and could actually see. Not really a secret. Of course, we know that Rivera really meant “the trailer that holds a secret”.

I think Rivera wastes valuable drawing space with a redundant textbox. How much more functional it would have been, had Rivera instead used the space as a teaser for the next day: “Mark saves Rex, but who will save Tess?

When I see whole figures drawn in Mark Trail, sometimes it seems that Rivera uses old-fashioned action figure dolls as reference models. You know, the kind that swivel at the hips and whose arms tended to rotate like the blades of a windmill. There’s a definite sameness you can see.

Anyway, is the end for Tess Tigress? Will Emma finally be fed up and put her foot down?