I’m sure many of us have wanted to see some deserving politician or other chiseler literally run out of town. Maybe in small towns that is still possible, I hope. Still, Tess must have Olympic-level training behind her, as even with a full-length dress, she is outpacing Gemma. On the other hand, our desperate pachyderm has just crossed four States, so she might be a tad run down.

But how did that cage of tigers remain undisturbed after Gemma ran through the trailer? They certainly don’t look upset. As all tigers now originate in SouthEast Asia, they could be progeny of Buddhist tigers trained in meditation.

There will be a little more soul-searching and cleanup, but I think this story is all but concluded. In most cases, Mark would contact State conservation agents to rescue the abandoned animals. However, owing to the State they are in, Mark and Rex might be told to simply release the animals and let them fare on their own.