Extra: Other animals have memories, too!

Monday’s Mark Trail blog can be found below, but this is an “extra”! As we just saw in the Texas tiger zoo story (category: Puff Piece Zoo), Mark had to deal with Gemma, the “rampaging” elephant who tromped her way across four states to seek revenge against Tess Tigress for a past bad deed.

In addition to the popular reputation for an elephant’s memory (no, not John Lennon’s backing band), we now have evidence that even bears can find their way home!

Here is a link to a recent bear-finds-home event making the rounds on the Internet: https://www.yahoo.com/now/relocated-bear-walked-1-000-225441732.html


Let the hunt begin!

Rusty looks even more naturalistic than he often does, whereas Mark looks more cartoony than usual, especially in panel 3. At least most of the family is together (once again, Doc Davis is left out).

I’m not sure where they are right now. They seem to be standing on some kind of inclined wooden platform, with some undefinable structures behind them. Must be a lake or river behind Rusty. Maybe they are going to rent a boat, as Rivera implies in panel 1. Whatever, I’m hoping for some actual excitement here, even crazy stuff. Even an environmental hazard or a cryptid.