They only come out at night, right?

Okay, Rivera, it’s getting tedious. For one thing, “see you later Bassigator” makes no sense, since Rusty is trying to find the cryptid, not wish it farewell. Yeah, I know. . . humor.

Mark still plays the Clueless Dad role. Sure, the old Mark Trail was likely clueless, as well. But he never had to worry about it, since the old Rusty was mostly a cardboard cutout.

I have questions:  Just where is Mark taking the boys? Do Bassigators have favorite watering holes? And why invite a bunch of Rusty’s friends, when failure could result in great embarrassment to Rusty?

Finally, why did Mark state that they would be back soon? Doesn’t he think the boys might now realize that this hunt is phony? I sure hope that Rivera’s plot does not have one of Mark’s friends plant a fake Bassigator for them to discover.