Mark calls on his Inner Hercules

Mebbe Mark will and mebbe he won’t. But he better have some “Hercules” in his DNA, because these types of boats weigh a half ton or more! Still, I’m glad to see that Rivera at least recognizes that trying to push such a large water craft isn’t exactly like putting out your surfboard. So, mebbe Cherry, Jeanette, and Duke will suddenly pull up in the pickup and at least scare away those ‘gators?

This accidental grounding has definitely put a damper on time for the cryptid search, though we might expect it will be an acceptable substitute as prime storytelling back in school. Well, Rusty might have a different opinion, if the search does not continue.

Also, at some point those alligators have to get over their surprise and shock and start looking at Mark as a late-night snack. Push faster, Mark!