I’ve come around to the popular opinion that Rivera is getting a little too dependent on caption boxes to restate what is already being said or illustrated. Not saying she shouldn’t use them, but it would be nice to keep them to a minimum and use them when they add something new. Owing to the small size of the panels, caption (text) boxes too often crowd the scene, making it all look cluttered and jumpy. If a comment box is stating the obvious, it doesn’t need to be there.

Now, how the heck did Mark follow Cherry’s tracker from a boat? Was she moving away from Mark, as opposed to approaching Mark? By the way, Cherry drives a pickup, Mark, not a car!  As I indicated before, it has not been well established that Mark was actually lost in the first place; certainly not by simply bumping a few alligators. Since Mark has a smart phone, wouldn’t it have been simpler to just call Cherry (or vice-versa)? Or maybe call up Google Maps to find his position on the river. Too bad the otherwise tech-savvy middle school kids were too busy to think of that.

Finally, why would Mark plant a tracker in Cherry’s truck? Doesn’t he trust her? Talk about a paranoid family …!