Mark can’t escape his boating history

Yes, looks like “Cryptid II: Foiled Again” is over and the kids are safely back home. I’m still waiting to read about the post-adventure lawsuits. Seems like Rivera wants to milk the “Exploding Boat” trope for all its worth. And as far as worth goes, I think she’s moved into the red. So, I hope she’ll move on and let that boat cliché float away on its own.

Panel 1 uses a flamboyant technique for linking dialog balloons to the speaker. The design, itself, is interesting, though I wondered if it was done purely for that reason. My thinking is that Rivera uses the close-up circle of Mark as a visual transition to the panel 2 flashback. That is, we have the scenic view of Mark and Duke in the boat, then the focus on Mark, then his flashback. And recall that Rivera often uses visual cues in her panels, such as this:

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