A new meal ticket for Mark?

Editor’s Note: Apologies for initially uploading yesterday’s strip. That’s what happens when you look at the original strip and forget to double-check what you are loading, yourself. I’ll blame it on my mind, distracted by an Italian conversation with a person in Italy that I was preparing for earlier today. Okay, on with the show:

Golly, gee! This is just like the “Mr. Wizard” show: “Mr. Wizard, so you are saying that if I hold my finger on a hot stove, I’ll burn my finger?” “That’s right, Kathy. We’ll do an experiment. Grab a snail from that terrarium and place in on that hot plate. Let’s watch what happens…

I’m not sure about Duke’s assessment in panel 4. Seems to me that many people have been looking for a “ticket” to work from home and have done so. Only now, the pendulum is swinging the other way, and companies want them back. If Mark wants to work around home more often, perhaps he should quit his job of being the errant nature journalist and get a job at a local nature preserve. Otherwise, he can try and become a money-making Youtuber.

Frankly, I’m surprised Rivera has not made Mark think about this money-making possibility, especially after learning that some of his antagonists have been making dough that way. Anyway, I bet he gets his idea turned down; it sounds like that kind of setup.