When bears attack, call a journalist!

Okay, class:  From our earlier discussions, we should all know by now how to properly interpret panel 3, correct? Yes, Sally. Panel 2 does confuse the chronology. Good catch!

So, Simon is greatly relieved that True Tech magazine sent another writer? You’d think that he would rather have a hunter or game warden on site, instead. It seems obvious that the bear is not afraid of journalists. But heck, even editor Rod Radagast’s only reaction to the loss of one journalist is to send in another one, as if this was a player substitution on a football team.

No worries, now that Mark is on the trail <ahem!>. I wonder if Mark ever watched Dick Proenneke’s films about living in the Alaskan wilderness, and brought along something for his own self-defense?

But wait:  What if this bear survived a careless forest fire in Oregon and traveled across country to seek revenge against the reckless actions of two knuckleheaded brothers? I believe there is precedent!