Okay, we’re back on the regular story rotation!

Wait, did the comics syndicate put this strip on “repeat” mode? Cherry is once again working at Sunny Soleil Society and once again running into Honest Ernest, who—like Mark—has never changed his clothes. Wouldn’t Violet Cheshire have physically kicked Cherry out (again) this time for revealing her affair with Ernie to Ernest’s wife, much less for Cherry’s interference in Ernest’s lawn treatment? And how is it Ernie is still walking around, apparently injury-free? Furthermore, why doesn’t Cherry have the cajones to quit and find another, more amenable client? Must be good money.

On the other hand, the expanded panel 1 is a well-composed and well-drawn scene, thanks to using a 3-panel layout. Even the depiction of Cherry in panel 2 gets high marks for the strength of its drawing and the communication emanating from Cherry’s expression. The textbox makes the obvious pun but could have been left out. In fact, I think Rivera could have left Ernest out of panel 2 completely, leaving only his greeting balloon to ensure his appearance in panel 3 is the surprise it was meant to be.