Cherry considers some options.

What to do, what to do!? Heck if I know! This isn’t even her property! Does Honest Ernest plan to cover the entire grounds in concrete or just a small area? Cherry fears the worst. But will it be as bad as she thinks? Certainly, the surface temperature and immediate area above the slab would feel warmer in the summer. But I don’t think there would be enough concrete to create what experts call an urban heat island. Anybody know otherwise? But heat isn’t the only concern: Storm water surface runoff affecting soil and water resources is another concern.

There are some possible mitigations, so I’ve read. For example, proper drainage and collection points can be created, something like gutters around a roof, to direct runoff into safe areas or containers for proper disposal. Most popular is pervious concrete that allows water to pass through it directly into the ground. Another possibility is to ensure plenty of shrubs and trees immediately around the concrete area to help absorb any runoff. Thus, Cherry could work directly with Honest Ernest and Violet to take some safety measures.

Or Cherry could go to a federal court and try to get an order forcing the Sunny Soleil Society to go through an EPA assessment and approval process. That should only take about 10 years or so.