Two bucks? So far, this isn’t worth two cents!

Once again, Rivera seems to have gotten too enamored over “Reality TV” contrivances and has lost track of the storyline. Is she just making this up as she goes? I’m doubtful of that, since a fair bit of her background was in storyboarding; that is, outlining in graphic form, the development of a story or event.

No, I think she is just indulging in a preference for double-entendre and cheap laughs. This is not story development, but story padding and making fun of stereotypes. Wasting a week’s worth of strips. Again, why is Mark even concerned? He supposedly has his own agenda, which has been largely forgotten.

And speaking of being put aside, where is Cricket Bro’s brother, Jadsen? He was here earlier. Did he just start on the hike by himself or is he hiding in the bushes? Does anybody really care? Forget these idiots, Mark, and just do your job for once.