Why does Mark continue to shine his flashlight upward?

I stand corrected and applaud Rivera for adding some additional depth to this story. The issue is not so much the capability of AI as it is the capability of Stump to scam the campers. This could have been a sweet turnabout on the Data Bros. and their attempted scam, except for the fact that they—like the others—apparently have no money and hope to squeeze a spare million out of Stump. It’s quite funny in a way:  everybody is secretly there for the same reason.

On the other hand, this explanation seems to contradict Jeb’s original statement that the issue was Sid’s secret plans to fill the world with misinformation. Of course, I think we all know Sid was grossly behind the times on that idea.

However, I’m also not clear on the geological issue expressed. Okay, the cliffs are unstable. So Stump attracted his marks with the challenge to brave dangerous terrain? Cricket Bro and Faux Professor Bee Sharp didn’t sound like they were aware of that challenge when they went over the side. Is Mark signaling for a rescue chopper?