But what if it’s not what we think it is??

Wally Wood is once again exhibiting his manic tendencies…  What is that look on his face in the first panel supposed to mean??  Are we sure he’s going to propose to Susan or is he maybe referring to something else?  What is really important to you, Wally?


Thank you Mark for your impeccable grammar!  My faith in humanity is restored!

Well, I guess that’s a wrap!

With the beavers in cages, the fire out and the beetles on the run (to be monitored closely by Abbey Powell,) we can all rest soundly now… but what about Wally and Susan? Is he going to pop the question or is he going to continue to “get the milk for free?”  Are we to now go back to Lost Forest and present the demi-god Rusty with the beaver offering?


Wally’s face says it all, though, that is one relieved man, there, ladies and gentlemen…

Shock and Awe…

The fire never had a chance…  what with the aerial support and the lavender suits with matching helmets and walkie-talkies, and the fact that the crew is outfitted with double bladed, Paul Bunyan style axes, we are in very good hands here…


But what could the crew boss be eyeing in the first panel?? He looks like he sees a ghost or something…

So… what’s the moral here?

Trapped beaver and a strategic forest fire contained by the Bureau of Land Management has solved all of Wally’s problems?  So what if a helicopter and a truck are lost in the fracas?  There’s plenty more where that came from… Not to mention bulldozers!  Was that dropped from a passing C-130??


Wally, dude, Mark is only 25 feet away… you needn’t wave to him to get his attention.  I’m guessing he already sees you!


So know Mark’s powers revolve around his ability to know what resources are available and to summon them?  Will he never punch a bad guy again?  Or is that Cherry’s job now??

Bureau? Commission??

I’m so confused.  But I certainly got one thing wrong- this is no “sit around the table and debate” club!  This is what I call action!  In the time it takes to kill a few geese, crash a helicopter, and rescue the pilot smoke jumpers and planes full of aerial suppression are scrambled and on the scene!  Wow!!  If this isn’t justification for all the money spent on maintaining readiness I don’t know what is!


Well, we can all go about our day now..  move along now…  nothing to see here…

Why? What’s at Wally’s House?

Yes, Abbey, keep running that way- and don’t stop for any reason, especially not for strangers and others that might offer you candy…  Really Mark, she’s a grown woman-person…  you needn’t be quite so directive…


And how do you know his name is ‘Buddy,’ Mark?  Are all helicopter pilots named ‘Buddy’ just like all Pullman Porters were named ‘George?’  It’s good that we didn’t add to the body count…  but we still may be seconds away from another explosion!

Say good-bye to Mr. Helicopter, kids…

I suppose the lesson here is that nothing is so sacred that can’t be blown up or taken out…  be they boats, (the SWAN,) trucks (Abbey’s,) tanks of propane gas or planes (Wes and Shelley’s,) or even a civil service helicopter bent on protecting the Natural World ends up as so much shrapnel…


So with Mark and Abbey assuming the super-hero bent forward running/lunging stance, we say good-bye to the helicopter and its inhabitants…  or perhaps they will miraculously survive this imminent impact, which will no doubt spare Mark and maybe Abbey…  Saturday can’t come soon enough for me, what with all that now hangs in the balance…

Geese? Panicking??

I don’t pretend to understand what motivates wildlife, but I really don’t think that geese would care much at all about fire, considering that they can take to the wing and just leave it all behind.  But Helicopters?  I guess they’d find one of those fairly disorienting…  Nevertheless, here we are again, with disaster on our doorstep, brought about by mankind and his careless ways… anyone else sensing a theme here?  No matter what we do to try to control Nature, Nature will always win.


I think that’s the greatest line ever uttered in the Trailverse- “Aahhh!  Geese!”  And it may be the last line uttered for our spotter pilot- thank goodness he was able call in the fire before being taken down by this random act of Nature.  I think the Forest Commission will re-think their manned-flight protocols in the wake of this apparent tragedy.  I see the rise of the drones coming:  why send anyone into harm’s way when it could all have been done remotely from the comfort of Central Command…