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So, I guess it’s going to be…

The Bear!  I mean Cherry!  I mean, I don’t even know who I am rooting for at this point! Comparing relative body position from yesterday it would appear that the bear is dragging Cherry off to her den!!  Grazing Mother Bear’s backside is probably only going to piss her off… but Cherry is doing a GOOD JOB of playing dead, so good in fact that report from a rifle doesn’t even cause her to flinch, or even look up in wonder?


Good thing Cherry has her puffy jacket on!  One more layer to confuse Mother Bear as she looks to hit flesh and bone…  Has she a sense of/ a taste for human?  Is this all new to her?  And the sound and the sting of the bullet?  She must be thinking, “This started out like any other day, you know??”  Nice that the trace of the bullet can be seen going PAST the “Old Grizzly” because we only really want to scare her off and not leave her cub alone without her support…  what a dilemma THAT would be!!  We shall have to wait until Monday to see whether this shot across the stern had the intended effect!

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