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But, but…

That’s it?  They are at the Ranger Station?  Just like that?  No monsters lurking in the deep waters of Rhododendron Lake?  No rogue waves to capsize the canoe, no afternoon squall to swamp their craft?  Where’s Shelley’s Phone?  Cherry’s Gun?  The summons and complaint for all the damage they did to the wilderness- fighting the fire that is no doubt still raging out of control?!

What exactly is THE BEST YOU CAN?  With that laconic expression on your face, it would seem that you are called to minister to wayward campers with Bear bite quite often?  Any you clearly could not have done much, unless you had Mrs. Trail take her shirt off and put it back on, ravaged shoulder notwithstanding… We know she has shoulders, what with the Betty Page pose she struck over sandwiches at the end of the Rod Bassy epic…


Ranger WILSON? Of course it is.  Again, little to no diversity in the Trailverse.  And where the heck is WES?  I mean he had a foot bound up like a lettuce wrap, and not a mention of that poor man and his travails?  And when Rangers aren’t putting people up in their makeshift field hospitals (note the portable screen right out of a 50’s hospital room…) they are doing what?  Making TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS of course…

I think Mr. Elrod was getting bored with this story.  No doubt the next scene will be with EDITOR BILL ELLIS, BACK IN HIS NEW YORK OFFICE… “Um, Bad news, boss… despite best efforts to charm Wes’ wife into loving the wild, he has been threatened with divorce if he doesn’t stop throwing money at the magazine….”


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