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Wes and Shelley, we hardly knew ya!

April 8 to May 31, 2013… Probably one of the shorter story arcs of all time!

Well, I guess at some point the writer(s) get tired of their own characters…  “Seemed like a good idea at the time… c’mon Jack, let’s put a bow on this one… not sure what the next ‘adventure’ or ‘assignment’ will be, but this story is a dog!!”  Oops, sorry Andy, no offense!  Apparently Ranger Wilson’s “travel arrangement” options include teleportation… we sure didn’t waste any time getting back to Lost Forest…  and since Cherry’s Father is ‘Doc’ does that mean he can also minister to bear bite??


“After that camping trip with Wes and Shelley…”   Translation:  Don’t ever drag me out on another one of your “assignments,” that one almost (literally) killed me…

And so good to be back at Lost forest, where things are still green and not a scorched earth.  Do you suppose we will be getting served anytime soon regarding environmental impact and damage?

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