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Punching must work up an appetite

Oh Mark, it’s almost as if you are proposing to Cherry all over again…  “Gosh Cherry, breakfast sure was good…” might mean a lot of different things to different people, but to Mark, it simply means that… The flapjacks were fluffy, the orange juice was sweet and pulpy, and the coffee was strong and black…  Cherry even went all in with the “Home-Henna” kit…  nice highlights.  But it doesn’t matter.  Mark sees right through and past you, like you aren’t even there…


And again, Mark is terribly confused about the whole “work” thing…  What?  He fished, he snooped, he punched and he brought a poacher to justice…  What in any of that was remotely billable??  Do your stories write themselves, is Editor Bill Ellis aching for copy?  Out of sight out of mind, Trail… for all you know Kelly Welly has been scooping you right and left and turning in award-winning work…  Your position in the pantheon of Nature Writers could well be in jeopardy!

Trailhead  x2 - Copy

And lastly, we have been treated in the last week to a couple of close-ups…  good heavens, Mark, you are a handsome devil!  Look at that smile?  Who does your teeth??

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