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Remember the days when Men wore Suits?

Nice, conservative suits with white shirts and rep ties?  Mark appears to have a closet full of them for just such occasions as would arise when needing to board an airplane…  We don’t see that much anymore.  Not even in elite class.  Comfort is everything for today’s traveler.  Thank you Mark for showing proper respect for what used to be a novel and  elite form of travel.  And it’s great that Andy and Doc came out to show Cherry support!  No Rusty though…  he was locked in his cage before they left for the airport, punishment for the “Oh boy, Mark, Can I go?!?” outburst yesterday.


And is the plane in panel two really necessary? It’s way too close the terminal building, is pitched and yawed all wrong, and I can’t tell whether it’s coming or going…  I would say that the riskiest part of Mark’s trip lies not on the Dark Continent, but rather in the air… and riskier still would it be for him to spend one more night in his marriage bed!  Go Mark! Reclaim your soul!  Into the Heart of Darkness!!

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