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Bad Luck? I would say Poor Choices!

The latest of which was hooking up with Mark Trail in Africa…  OK, I need to get off that one… it’s not like we saw them together…  I am sure Lori had her hands full those few days getting Dirty’s body in a coffin and loaded onto a plane…  I am sure that there was much paperwork involved.  Cause of death?  Rhino stampede!  Wait- there aren’t enough Rhino left to form a herd let alone have them run in the same direction in a group at the same time…  But again, Cherry is cautious with her sympathy… She feels bad, but only in a way… and is doing a good job of not allowing any jealousy to creep out.  It would appear that Mark is continuing to regale his family with lusty tales of African Adventure, complete with all the icky stuff going on during the Safari he horned in on…  ha!  Get it?  Horned in?  That’s a joke, son!


Meanwhile, Doc is going from mildly interested in panel one to downright amused in panel two.  He finds it all terribly funny!  His stone face cracking at the thought of a man driven to poaching over gambling debt and unrequited love!!  What a sick bastard!!

The crazy thing is how fast the table got cleared…  not to mention how fast they carved and ate the poor chicken that gave itself to the cause…


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