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An Historical Interlude…

Between Slavers and Bounty Hunters and Alligators and Malaria, I’ll take the gators and the skeeters…  What a life that must have been.  The bravery and the hardship, the faith and hope that drove them on.  It’s difficult to imagine there was a time when all that was commonplace, when an entire way of life was propped up by a labor force paid nothing and held against their will…  And don’t think it was just the South.  The North and Great Britain were buying cotton by bale.  The Cod fishery off the coast of Northern New England was delivering a ready supply of protein to feed the slaves on the Cane plantations in the Caribbean to support the Rum industry…  An entire world was getting wealthy off the labor of Vince Wilkins’ Forebears…


I do recall now, however, that Vince was privy to the entire plot… and therefore could, by process of elimination, determine who was good and who was evil… So long, BGwPT, your goose was cooked before you ever left the dock…  And we also know now that Vince is on the side of good, since only good people “do a little fishing…”

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