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My apologies…

…as I questioned earlier in the story, we wondered (OK, I wondered) who was “watching” Mark and Cherry enter the Great Dismal. Based on the profile (albeit reversed) in panel 1, it was none other than Vince Wilkins, Construction Company owner, eyeing the Trails as they steamed into the swamp…


Nice of you to ask about BGwPT, Mark, but as it appears he “did not make it” and as it appears that Vince can easily determine good from bad and who to save and who to let drown and become Alligator fodder, you find yourself in the ancestral home of Mr. Wilkins, citizen, entrepreneur and all around good guy…  And besides, Mark, Swamp People probably find the location of Lost Forest just as curious, all high and dry… And do people really use phrases like “actual residence?”  How about “that’s where I call home and live most of the time…”  But of course real estate is precious in the confines of the 1/2/3 panel format, and we have to move the story along.  Even in the Trailverse…

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