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A Little Catching Up To Do…

Ok, when last we saw Cherry and Mark, we were only seeing word balloons coming out of the green Jeep.  Riveting stuff, really, with Cherry continuing to prattle on about marriage and such…  Well, now we find our intrepid travelers in the warm embrace of Wally and Susan.  We know that his last name is Wood, but of course we don’t know her last name, on account of their not being married


How nice to have roles so clearly defined…  “Susan has prepared a nice lunch for us…”  well, of course she has!  Why wouldn’t she?  And there’s nothing Wally likes better than showing off his trees…  I am simply agog at the suggestion that Mark should follow Wally “out” in order to “have a look at <his> trees…”  Wally I think the world abounds in trees, millions of them…  I sure hope yours are special.


But of course we now have to cut back to our main animal story- that of the young male beaver looking for a new pond to call home.  Thankfully a “receptive” female awaits…  And what behavior does the female exhibit that would give one the impression that she is “receptive?”  Doing its best Mae West, something like, “Hey, big fella, why don’t you come see me sometime…?”


Now that is one pissed-off Beaver.  I love the stare!  Not that Beavers have particularly good eyesight… From that distance, the Leader might just as well be staring at a couple of trespassing otters.  He’d never know.

A playful courtship begins?  Looks like a lot of bared teeth and angry posturing to me…  But then the Captain and Tennille did not sing a song about Beaver love, they opted for Muskrat love… which apparently is less violent…

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