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OK, Two Things…

One, I don’t think Beavers go after trees that big, and two, I think that tree needs to be harvested anyway…  But what do I know??  Apparently not much given this evidence!  While this king-sized rodent is working on a smaller tree, it’s clear that trees many times that size have fallen prey to the natural instincts of this predacious pest!


So what’s the big deal?  A few trees go to the beavers, which are only interested in the smaller, top branches not the main trunk, which is what is money for Wally…

But then there’s this footage, which shows that Beaver and man continue to struggle over territory and land use policy… I’m pretty much rooting for the Beaver at this point, and if I ever find myself earning a living as a Beaver relocation service, I will either have to question my life choices or shrug just go with it…

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