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Holy Plot Twist, Batman!!

Oh, just when I am convinced that I am so smart! That it will man vs. Beaver in the Wally Forest!  Shows what I know!!


It’s (the) Beetles!  And not the Fab Four variety…  that have come to spoil all of Wally’s dreams of a happily-ever-after, married to Susan and living the life of a lumber baron…  It’s beetles that are taking down his “Crop”  “Stand” or whatever one calls a bunch of trees being grown for market…

And of course Mark the Nature Writer (I almost said Naturalist, but didn’t want to offend any in the audience…) is the one to diagnose the problem.  It’s not Wally, not the man who has made it his life to manage a forest, probably went to school and has a degree in Forestry or Forest Management…

I hadn’t noticed before, but judging by the hairline in panel one, it looks like Wally may have recently been subjected to a frontal lobotomy…

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