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Mark’s rolodex could choke a horse…

Oh where do I start…  Two nights on the road and there’s real drama going down…  Doc is on the case, working his people for free advice, and Mark is passing that information on, leaving Ken wishing he had actually paid attention in High School Biology…


Wagging your finger at Mississippi Ken?  Really?  That deserves a smack.  Seriously.

But wait, kids… Wait!  We are about to meet a part of Mark’s past!!  Leslie Joyce!


Oh, snap!! Mark’s past catches up with him!!  But Leslie, Seriously. You have symmetry issues!  Your eyes are going every which-a-way… and your demeanor is, well, slightly shrewish…

Love it, though… A “friend” of mine is a Professor at “a University…”  She “may” have some advice… God in Heaven, how dismissive and condescending can you be, Mark Trail, Prince of Lost Forest, one who doesn’t know what it means to put a meal on the table!

Apparently Leslie is less than thrilled by the sound of your voice… but of course you would not have see that coming, since you are incapable of feeling other people’s pain…

3 thoughts on “Mark’s rolodex could choke a horse…

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