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I would be flattering myself unduly…

…if I were to imagine anyone saying, “Gosh, what’s with The Daily Trail?  I certainly hope nothing has happened to that witty guy who riffs on Mark Trail every morning except Sunday…”


Fear not dear readers, I am well.  Which is more than I can say for the strip that I have loved and snarked at for decades now…


As Mark takes cover behind a rock with bullets magically missing him and ken, there’s just not much to say about it all.  And I don’t think it’s because I have grown weary of keeping up this blog, it’s more likely that I have no interest in this story line…


So sure, Mark, let’s keep up the chase.  This can last another couple of weeks, which would be seriously unfortunate.  There’s no real tension here, as there is no chance of any harm coming to you.  Without tension and suspense, or even the opportunity to learn something new, we will pace along with you a few days at a time until something interesting happens…

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