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Of course! It’s the Federales!

Not since USDA Agent Abbey (with an ‘e’) Powell came to rescue Wally from his Emerald Ash Borer infestation have we seen such a display of capability and might…  Let’s try to figure out how DHS got involved in this story…  My guess is that it was that Saucy Siren that sent Mark the Nuclear Dive Suit… What was her name?  Oh yea, Leslie Joyce…


Oh, and while the henchmen still lie comatose on the beach, Agent Johnson goes for a little humor… This is my brother Darryl and and my other brother Darryl…  no relation…  So with Homeland Security on the case, what could go wrong?  Does everyone get to go home now and fill out the insurance paperwork?  At least Special Agent Johnson has an automatic weapon, and I suppose that he hasn’t the inclination to fire it randomly into the jungle…

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