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Who Cleans up Nuclear Spills?

Well, Mark… look at you.  Arms folded, demanding answers.  “What about the Cobalt-60 we found?  Huh?” Now I think Agent Christie is improvising a bit.  Pretty sure it’s not DHS that corrals and cleans up nuclear material…  I think that would be DOE?  It’s probably difficult to be on the Federal payroll… to know where one’s jurisdiction and authority begins and ends…  And unless Jorge was silly enough to cross the line into terrestrial waters, the US has no jurisdiction over him…  Guessing he probably high-tailed it out of range once he saw the Authorities.  And good luck getting that hover-craft back into the water now that it’s thoroughly beached…


Well, hello, Mr. Bird.  Are you finding this all entertaining?  Enjoying the banquet of… what?  Clams? Not rocks, given the symmetry…  But what would have caused a mass beaching of clams?  Mark!  Your work is not done here- it’s not just about the apex predator, it’s also about the lowly bivalve…  get busy!!

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