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Man-made boundaries are so, well, man-made…

Of course I had to orient myself… if memory serves, and it can be spotty at best these days, I want to say that “Gabe” had previously announced that he is in West Texas, which, according to the map below, places him in the eastern-most edge of the Chihuahuan Desert… Which also makes me think I need to go back and scan my earlier entries as I am afraid I may have made the classic blunder of confusing desert with dessert…  Just a feeling…


With the DESERT in full bloom, and the random fox-like critter looking on, Mark and Gabe are on their way to the cave.  Thankfully we were spared the conversation Mark had with Bill Ellis, who by now is up to his neck in paperwork, trying to sort out liability over the blown-up cigarette boat, which Mark did not use to full advantage in getting the heck out of harm’s way before it was strafed full of automatic weapons fire and blown up with a flare gun


With most of the Chihuahuan DESERT in Mexico, I can see where this is going to go- international intrigue, State Department involvement, Mark and company held at gunpoint…  you know, just another day in the life.

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