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The endless clip…

Is that like the bottomless pasta bowl at Olive Garden?  Endless Salad and Bread sticks followed by copious amounts of Tiramisu?  One thing this story line has revealed to me is how much YouTube time is spent burning through Ammo!  But it also shows me that a single clip, even a high capacity one, only lasts a number of seconds… and unless Jose has an ox-cart full of spare clips and extra rounds, he’ll run out at some point… What that video clip also shows is that the AK is not a sharpshooter’s weapon of choice, as the seemingly experienced shooter is only landing on his target about 3% of the time…


So as Mark and his new Posse high-tail it into the cave, we are left to wonder how they are (seemingly so far) avoiding injury.  Carina seems to be the fast one, followed by Gabe’s fat arse (sort of like a fullback blocking for the star running back…) with Mark taking up the slack, pushing them into the cave.  Note the clenched fist in panel one- clearly a reflex reaction to danger, stemming from the amygdala, which triggers a neural response in the hypothalamus. The initial reaction is followed by activation of the pituitary gland and secretion of the hormone ACTH.  The adrenal gland is activated almost simultaneously and releases the neurotransmitter epinephrine. The release of chemical messengers results in the production of the hormone cortisol, which increases blood pressure, blood sugar, and suppresses the immune system.  The ‘fight or flight’ response.  I’d flee too if I were them… Thanks Wiki… I have recently taken to supporting the Wikimedia Foundation, given the fact that I refer to its offerings on a daily basis…

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