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Crawling around? Literally?

Mark, why don’t you and the Cub Pack head back to the opening of the sinkhole?  At least there you have open sky and a WWI (or II) Biplane to ponder… If you are frustrated and bored by the crystal cave, imagine how we must feel!


And where are the Feds when you need them?  In the past they have always arrived in the nick of time, whether threatened by forest fires or evil, megalomaniacal kingpins bent on acquiring radioactive material, we saw our precious tax dollars being spent to save your sorry ass…

But Mark is never too frustrated to crouch and point and remark on the wonder of Nature… “Wow, a forty-footer,” he exclaims…

3 thoughts on “Crawling around? Literally?

  1. It is a good thing the bioluminent plants that have been lighting this months-long story have adapted to the higher temperature in the crystal cave. Perhaps Carina will explain some rainbow-like spectrum on walls or they will discover conveniently focused crystals highlighting the way out.

  2. Continuation: The bad guys discover the giant sink-hole and put a ladder down to go look for Mark & Co! Mark & Co. hide out in the crystal cavern until the bad guys move on through the tunnel! Then they climb out! Pal “Lumpy”, hoping to finally make a positive contribution to the adventure and get Carina’s attention, offers to pull the ladder up, but drops it back down into the hole! Madre de Dios! Mark & Co. run for it as the bad guys hear the sound of the falling ladder and come running back to investigate!
    – Comic book time: 30 minutes
    – Real time: 3 weeks of strips

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