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What… this just occurs to you??

Skulking around in a subterranean cavern with sharp objects jutting out of the floor and ceiling?  Hot as Hades, no apparent connection with the blue sky above?  What made this an attractive option in the first place?  So Mark the Alpha takes the lead again and suggests (loudly) that they get the heck out of there…


It’s really cool how Mark and Carina can finish each other’s thoughts now… heck they have been tested in the Octagon of Nature, Mother Earth’s Crucible, so it’s only a matter of time before they start to get inappropriate…

“But Mark, you are a Married Man…”

“Oh it’s really just a marriage of convenience… My readership is largely from the south and they were getting all up in arms over the fact that Cherry and I had been sharing a roof without the formality of a ring… we have an ‘arrangement.’ Who knows what she does when I am away…”

3 thoughts on “What… this just occurs to you??

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if after watching these three stooges trudge through the cave, mile after mile, week after belaboring week, they finally blunder into the light of day only to be greeted by Jefe and Jose (remember them?), armed with AK-47s, pipe bombs, bazookas, hand grenades, sawed-off shotguns, flame throwers and bomb carrying robotic drones?

  2. “…Who knows what she does when I am away…”
    Well, there’s always at least one male alongside Cherry whenever Mark returns from one of his adventures. Sure, it might be her father, but that Lost Forest must surely get lonely. It’s not as if you can walk across the street and have coffee with Madge when you feel like it. Heck, maybe Rusty really does have a use, after all? Just a thought!

  3. One other observation: Two days ago, Mark was complaining about crawling around these objects for hours, trying to find a way out! Suddenly, our intrepid trio (having somehow found Tubby) is able to start running on a clear path! Did these knot-heads spend all this time wiggling around gypsum spears while a path back to the exit was just a yard away?

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