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Oh, how noble…

With Mark on the ground trapped (?) by a column of Gypsum, he encourages his “friends” to save their own skin, leave him for dead, and make good on the foreshadowing provided months ago… remember La Cueva del Muerto?  Well, someone has to die here… and it might as well be Mark as this would put us all out of our misery…


But really?  It would appear that the center of gravity on the “I have fallen and I can’t get up” column is all wrong… the longer and heavier base is suspended in the air, seemingly held up by the downward pressure from Mark’s right arm, hugging it like a teddy-bear…  Never mind that it hit him on the head and shoulders, so no telling how it ended up  in this position, not to mention the fact that mark is fully conscious and able to speak… so despite a couple of crushed ribs, one would imagine that it’s not as serious or desperate a situation as Mark would declare…

Yes, Gabe, Mark did stick with you, and with a touch of his magic hand, made you miraculously skinny in order to get you through that impossible thin crevice…

2 thoughts on “Oh, how noble…

  1. I check your Mark Trial comments every day. Love it! Been reading this strip since I was a kid along with Maynerd Speice on WCCO!

  2. Todays comments probably echo what we all are thinking……where in the heck is this going? Enough already.

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