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While Mark uses up what little oxygen he has left, let’s consider dates…

Today is 6-16-16.  Not quite as momentous as 1-1-01, 2-2-02, 3-3-03… on up to 12-12-12, but it will have to do, since we won’t have another “pure run”  until 1-1-2101, which is 85 years from now… and who knows who will be steering the ship of Trail-state at that point… whether we will still have things like comics… All I know is that I’d be 140 years old, which is highly unlikely.  My kids would be centenarians, which, who knows, may be commonplace for that generation…  We might actually find a fountain of youth and other planets with vast resources over which to claim dominion.

I remember being in New York City on 8-8-88 (that would be in the 20th century, boys and girls… which certainly ages me…) but no clue what I was doing on 9-9-99, although Google tells me that it was a Thursday which probably means I was on an airplane heading home after a week of selling consulting services.


So, however you are spending your days (remaining or otherwise) on earth, please remember that they are limited.  Time is something we don’t get to replace…  it is a non-renewable resource, and the amount which we are given is not known.  Live, Love, and never look back.  Make today and the rest of your days better than all that have gone before.

One thought on “Numbers

  1. Cooooool. Rather than spend yet another day pointing out the insipid plotting and mediocre drawing, we get a nice break for an affirmation of making the best we can of our short time as participants in the history of life. It’s almost a Trailism.

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