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In the words of Mark Trail…

“What th-?”

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Now we are time traveling… certainly an author’s prerogative…  as we listen in on the 0.01% and how they live their lives…  Remember the show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?”  Remember how Robin Leach (how ironic!) would give us a glimpse into how the 1% lives!  Remember Dallas!  Remember Dynasty!  Oh how we would tune in… what’s interesting is that all this display of excess and opulence engendered zero disdain- no talk of inequality… we were just happy to be able to look in on their exciting lives…


I got news for you, sweetheart, your little cruise isn’t going to end any time soon… according to the distance calculator, you are 4,381 miles away from New Zealand…  Hell, it’s only 2,400 miles from Seattle to Brooklyn…  let’s hope you are well provisioned…

H to NZ

So, “soon”is a relative concept- perhaps compared to circumnavigating the entire globe…

4 thoughts on “In the words of Mark Trail…

  1. oooh! oooh! I GOT IT! I GOT IT! The idle rich dweebs in the yacht get caught in a storm, blown way off course, and wind up cruising down the Rio Grande, where they almost run over Mark, Carina, and Gabe. Adventure ensues as the wife wants to rescue them but the husbands thinks they’re just a drug gang, waiting to rob innocent sailors.

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