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She’s Got the Trail on Speed-dial!

Uhhh, right.  You’re an “Agent” of the USDA, you’ve stumbled upon an invasive species situation in our 50th state, and your first call is Mark Trail!  OK, maybe not your first call, but the fact that you would call him at all is hilarious…


Nice scowl on Cherry in panel one!  We can just hear (and maybe should be seeing, given the medium) the icicles hanging off the dialogue!  But really?  “Mark Trail’s office?”  Ha!  Who’s kidding whom, here??  And the fact that Abbey assumed/knew that it was Cherry answering the phone!  Double-ha!!

I’m not sure that Cherry and Abbey ever actually met, at least on “on camera…” I thumbed through the “Leave it to Beaver” story arc (which by the way moved fairly quickly compared to the Cave Odyssey, but then using that as a standard so did the formation of the Rocky mountain range…) and don’t see where the two actually met…  If I’m wrong here, please let me know!


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