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Mark has never looked happier

Look at him!  He is positively beaming talking to Editor Bill Ellis… and about invasive species.  And by the way- is it Spee-sees, or is it Spe-shees?  Sort of like Grocer or Grosher, as is Grocery (Groshery?) store where one buys food.  But I digress…


And speaking of invasive species, look at what the Falcon picked up!  A mouse or a rat or something… even though pigeons and other fowl are an urban Falcon’s more natural prey…

falcon diet

…and thanks to ecully773 who pointed out that the building is question, the home of Woods and Wildlife magazine, is the Hearst Tower in Midtown Manhattan…

I also continue t wonder if Abbey Powell gets anything out of this other than growing name recognition… If I were her I would be!  it was cute and fun to start with, but now it could become a professional liability, especially if she ever wanted to leave the USDA… but of course why would she want to do that?  Wheat with it bringing her fame and (perhaps) fortune and all…

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