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Well, the Circle’s Complete…

Unabashed and unapologetic references to the Magnum PI series…  Even down to the cap that was featured in the show, worn by TC the Helicopter pilot…

vm02I must disagree slightly however… I think that Thomas Magnum wore a Detroit Tigers Ball Cap more than anything…  But now we have the cap, the chopper and the person of color to fly said chopper…  what more do we need?


Although I will say that Cal has a striking resemblance, a familiar laconic manner that was sported by our friend Vince who maintained the family homestead in the Great Dismal Swamp…  big ears and everything… maybe they are brothers?


And there’s Mark again, denying any culpability for his actions and inevitable reactions… Ok, I will grant him the SWAN, but the Cigarette Boat went up because he unloaded a flare into the leaking pool of fuel in a feeble attempt to slow the bad guys, after his fight or flight response, permanently stuck on fight, took over…  But it appears that Vince’s hat is now in on the act- reacting to the mere chance of having to hear stories about explosions…  I mean, judging by his cap, Cal is probably still recovering from more than a lifetime’s worth of loud noises and near death experiences…

2 thoughts on “Well, the Circle’s Complete…

  1. Allen has spent the past two weeks squeezing in droll quips about the bevy of boats Trail has demolished. This is worse than the unruly drunk at the company picnic who laughs at his own jokes.

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