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Cal has mistaken Mark for just another tourist…

Or since Cal has already acknowledged being a big fan of Mark’s work, and therefore must know that he already knows all this “volcano” stuff, perhaps Cal can’t help himself but to go into his normal schpeel about volcanos and what-not…


…so as Mark patiently listens to the lesson in geography, above the din of the rotor and unmuffled exhaust, we whirl our way toward the tiny atoll… that is if it and Abbey are still there…

But wait a gosh-darn minute… were their two ants in that pile of logs that Honey and Darling brought with them to the island?  Or was the one that bit (was it Honey or Darling…) pregnant, otherwise how could the infestation have taken hold??  I’m still holding out hope that we will find skeletons locked in an embrace, but certainly not holding my breath, you know?

4 thoughts on “Cal has mistaken Mark for just another tourist…

  1. James Allen is setting us up for another natural miracle similar to the miles and miles of 100 watt biolumenesence in the bat cave. Normally a new ant colonies require a queen and a drone to get established, so unless Honey and Darling happened to bring to the island one of each instead of the other 10’s of thousands of sexless worker ants that support them, they will need to rely on a bizarre hormone shifting phenomena called parthenogenetic reproduction. It is the desperate virgin birth excuse favored by girls who got an A in biology and and F their high school health classes.

  2. For a glimpse into the arcane ways in which those those pesky ants might propogate, see https://www.quora.com/How-do-ants-reproduce. It’s not as simple putting two ants in the the frame and seeing some wood in the foreground. There are some ants which rely upon one fertile queen, who like a honeybee queen experiences a single, orgiastic maiden flight during which she collects sperm from males to be stored internally in order that she can produce eggs upon demand the rest of her life. But other ants seem to share the love more frequently and broadly amongst their kind. I’ll leave to your deeper musings which reproductive strategy of our insect friends is more analogous to the relationship of Mark and Cherry.

  3. Is it possible that the ants will save Mark and Abbey from an erupting volcano by massing themselves into a raft? I sure hope so.

    Or maybe the ants are just the McGuffin that gets Mark to the island, and their storyline will be dropped. Mark and Abbey will actually be rescued by the gentle and powerful whales Mark encountered earlier. That would also be satisfying.

    Guess we’ll find out in about three months.

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