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Abbey, why don’t YOU just write the story…

…seems that you have done all the research…  and it seems as though the USDA database is replete with details…  about the comings and goings of every American (we assume they are American, heck, they looked American…)  Is anyone else concerned?  So with finger wagging, Abbey recounts all the details of the “mystery…” which leaves us to wonder, “what’s next?”

And are we to believe that every ship that puts into a given harbor is given a thorough inspection for invasive species?  Drugs, I understand, but invasive species??  What with all the fresh fruit loaded onto cruise ships throughout the world, are they inspected?  I suppose so.  But it appears that in the U.S. we more concerned with human trafficking than invasives…  but depending on what side of the immigration argument you are on, invasives can come in different shapes and sizes…


But a quick check of the procedure in New Zealand suggests that the inspection is quite thorough… including a six-step biosecurity inspection and clearance…  So it’s conceivable that the ants were discovered upon reaching New Zealand and a complete history of their travels documented!  How could I ever have doubted!!  But how on earth do you live on a boat, no matter how big, with ant colony??  ick.

And I’m sure… a picnic lunch…  we all know what they really did on those white sand beaches…

2 thoughts on “Abbey, why don’t YOU just write the story…

  1. Bummer. I think this is a missed opportunity. It would have been so awesome for Mark and Abbey to discover Honey and Darling’s skeletons, scoured clean by fire ants. Instead, H&D went on to New Zealand. I hope at least they attended a Flight of the Conchords concert.

  2. I second Cherry’s Ex’s misgivings at the missed opportunity here.

    One can only hope that Mark finds a moment amidst the frenetically paced story of his Hawaiian adventure with Abby and the imported fire ants to follow up a bit on that USDA research with a boots-on-the-ground look into the fate of Honey and Darling Down Under. Don’t leave us hanging!

    As an aside, given the propensity of nearly every non-human living thing on nearby Australia to casually take human life at any chance encounter, through venom, tooth or claw, it is no wonder that Kiwis are so thorough in their inspection of seafaring visitors.

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