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Oh no? How About Oh Please??

Abbey doesn’t realize how close she is to sweet release…  Her ticket out of this awful parallel existence… But it should be noted that Palm Trees are notorious killers…  they are top heavy and it’s not uncommon for the crown to come off and take out the unaware


And Oh boy!  Mark has never looked so stern!  Like he’s actually mad or something… Heck, I’d be mad too if everywhere I went I had to battle for my life.  I’d start to wonder whether there was some force in the universe that had it out for me, whether my life was really just a big sketch being played out for the amusement of others…  but wait, Mark, that’s exactly what’s going on here.  And now you are being guided by a new-ish hand, one that is still doing his best to keep your life from going off the rails…

2 thoughts on “Oh no? How About Oh Please??

  1. Is the palm tree in panel 3 the same as the one in panel 1? If so, it’s curious that Mark would tell Abbey to watch out for something she is already looking at. But Mark does like make people think their actions are always his idea.

    By the way, I agree with you, Dennis, about the depiction of Mark in panel 2. It’s as if Allen is trying to imitate the magic-marker-outline style of some cartoons on the Cartoon Network (e.g. Clarence, PowerPuff Girls, Johnny Bravo). Or Charlton Comics from the ’50s and ’60s.

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