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I’m going to move…

…the island.  Remember that iconic line from the series Lost? Uttered by would-be-strong-man Benjamin Linus?  I think it was two winters ago I needed a binge-worthy series to make it through the cold, dark northern winter.   And Lost it was…  I had totally avoided the show in real time, when it was the subject of so much water-cooler speculation and morning-after  palaver…  But to consume an entire season in one weekend… to not have to wait a week between episodes, suffer through commercials, get teased by the scenes from an upcoming season… well, I was totally Lost myself…


So it appears that Mother Nature is having Linus-like thoughts about the “unstable atoll” overrun by Red-imported-fire-ants.  This is one way to reset the clock and take care of an unwanted infestation.  But much like the Cave-saga that (supposedly) centered around White-nose Bat Syndrome, the reason for going to the atoll has been quickly forgotten as terror and doom befall our main characters.

Bets on whether there will be another explosion in tomorrow’s installment?

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