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Yes, Abbey!

As Abbey Powell, Peace Corp Vet, Anthropology Major, Adventurer, begins to break down for lack of breathable air, it’s Mark Trail that falls in behind her and gives her that last push to “get to the beach” where salvation awaits… or so they think.  Must.  Keep. Moving.


As Hell-fire continues to rain down upon them, I am reminded of another reference I heard on the radio…  what’s it raining?  It’s raining tacos!  You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Yes, Abbey!

  1. Like those cans of spray advertised on late-night TV to make thinning hair thick and bald spots disappear like magic, apparently volcanic ash selectively attaches to female eyebrows to make them appear like giant black woolly caterpillars. An interesting natural phenomenon I had not expected to learn about when I logged in today to the Trailverse . . .

  2. Mark and Abbey may be quite surprised to learn when they stagger to the beach with seared lungs and ash-clogged nostrils that Cal has left them for dead and taken her ocean-going dingy. Then we would all avoid weeks of aimless plot drifting surrounded by well-drawn ocean creatures. Perhaps a US Geological Survey Volcano Disaster Assistance Program team will come to the rescue?


  3. More questions:
    1. Where is the strong light source coming from that is now casting heavy shadows on Mark and Abbey’s faces?
    2. Why does Mark’s head look like it was painted on a wine cork?
    3. Since they had to climb rocks to get to the top of that plateau, shouldn’t they first worry about how to get down?

  4. Great questions, George. Here are my speculations / answers:

    1. That’s lava-glow!

    2. Foreshadowing – I predict that Mark & Abbey’s last hope to end the eruption and otherwise interminable series of cataclysmic threats to their lives will be to locate a bottle-neck in the magma chamber below the atoll and stop it up with the handiest implement of appropriate size and density . . .

    3. I don’t think so. You may have overlooked the the couple’s separate headfirst dives (after glancing off rocky outcrops) into 6 inches of water that resulted from Abbey’s ejection from their tree of refuge atop the plateau following its felling by the mad boar’s charge directly into its rotted trunk, and Mark’s subsequent little slippage problem whilst on the cliff edge as he tried to view our intrepid FDA agent’s course of descent. Of course, I could see how that brief interlude in the plot might have slipped one’s mind, given all the Krakablam-Kabooming, Fooshing and Pomphing going on in the meanwhile over the past few weeks.

    • In re #3: Oh, you’re so right, Richard! I must have been thinking it was more of an intermediate tableau. But yes, I see your point, now: The initial “mountain” they climbed up and fell off was a mere curtain wall, hiding the “LOST World” behind it. Apparently, they never realized they could have walked, rowed, or flown around the rocks to begin with.

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