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Uh, OK…

It would appear that the entire island exploded in the second panel.  Maybe James Allen is trying to tell us something… like he’s sick and tired of Mark Trail and it’s “time to move on here, people…  nothing more to see…”


To think it all started with a wealthy, white yacht-owner and his penchant for fires made with real logs.  Not caring a lick about his “footprint,” ecological or otherwise, he set in motion a chain of events that would lure the likes of a millennial do-gooder and a sucker for anything that would take him to his next “story.”

3 thoughts on “Uh, OK…

  1. James Allen? More like Irwin Allen, amiright?

    Yada da dada da dadada da, KA-BOOM! (Yeah I got nothin’)

  2. It is time for a brief review of this tortured story line. The volcano first erupted with a creative “KRAKABLAM” back on November 5. Captain Obvious Mark told Abbey “We have got to go!”

    Yesterday, Abbey used a contraction to tell Mark, “We’ve got to go!” Today we get the 11th volcano noise, “KABOOOOOM”.

    After 24 days, we get it now. Mark and Abbey need to get off the exploding island.
    Meanwhile “Save your own ass” Cal is busting right through the moral dilemma of leaving for dead those entrusted into his care. I would be much more interested in a deep exploration of this great example of lifeboat ethics — though philosophy does not lend itself to onomatopoeia.

    Of course what can we expect from a story set on a deserted volcanic “atoll” with undiscovered ruins and invasive species, including feckless humans. I hope they find a mysterious sea cave that magically shoots them into the pool at the Coco Palms Resort where neglected Cherry gets caught being too friendly with the hunky conch blower, sometime in First Quarter 2017.

  3. I wonder if James Allen is related to Irwin Allen the seventies disaster movies director–“Towering Inferno”, “Earthquake”, etc. with his newfound penchant for natural disasters in place of the Thug and Crooked Nose antagonists of yore.
    Also don’t forget his repetitive descriptives such as FOOOM and POMPH and KRAKABLAM among others. It’s all reminding me of the old Batman TV episodes–BOFF, ZOWIE and URKKK!

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